Update: New Page on the MovieRat!

Added a new page under the heading The Movie Rat on the lefthand dropdown menu where I link to past (and any possible future) podcast guest appearances. Check them out!

Updates: August 31st, 2016

As you may have noticed, not only if you look at the dates on my posts, but also if you read these Updates.

I’ve been in the process of becoming an adoptive father. Now that a new school year has kicked off I should be here, and watching movies, more frequently.

As for reviews, they are forthcoming. I’ve seen five so far this week. I just have to get to writing them. When they’re ready you’ll see them here.

Other things to look forward to are Blogathon participations…


Dual Role Banners

I will be covering a Freddie Highmore film out quite a few years before his run on Bates MotelThe Spiderwick Chronicles wherein he played twins.

The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008, Nickelodeon/Paramount)



The topic I will be covering for this blogathon will be Films as an Exploration of Human Sexuality. Now, I know that sounds like a dissertation title. However, the approach I’m planning on is a bit freeform, personal, and as all encompassing as I can be with such a huge topic.



Last, but certainly not least. I will be talking about a certain circus element in film. Thanks to the guidelines that allow me to go outside the bigtop, as long as some elements leave with me; I decided to write about Stephen King’s It (1990).


Can’t wait for these and I hope you feel the same!

Updates: Upcoming Blogathons May-June 2016

I will be participating in some upcoming blogathons that I wanted to announce here.

Rupert Pupkin Speaks (2013, All Rights are Reserved Callahan)

Firstly, I’m honored to have been included among the contributors for Underrated ’86, a series by Rupert Pupkin Speaks, featuring overlooked films of 1986. It’s especially cool after I missed 1996, where I would’ve had a killer list. My post will be up in the middle of the month


I am also contributing a new piece on Amazing Grace and Chuck (1987) for the Athletes in Film Blogathon.


Last but not least, I will also be writing about A Single Man (2009) for The 2nd Annual Sex! (now that I have your attention) Blogathon.


My eBooks now on Nook!

One of the big projects of me for 2015 was getting my ebooks that already existed in better shape. They are now, and can be found on Amazon worldwide.

Part of that project was supposed to include making the existing books available on other platforms as well.

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Fast forward to now and phase one of that process is complete: The Isle of Helyr and The Bloodmaster Trilogy both are available on Nook for purchase.

It’s the same cheap $0.99 either way, so get reading!

iBooks to follow!

Updates: April 14, 2016

An update on this site is long overdue. Heck, a post in general is long overdue. Since October the struggle for any cinephile has faced has been very present for me: what matters more life or film? Clearly without life there is no film. However, those obsessed with film don’t always grasp that fully. Two new phases of my life are being entered to: fatherhood (in it, in a foster kind of way), and being a licensed driver (working on it – and originally from New York so that explains that).

I had a good deal of the gap in new material filled with re-spliced material but alas they lapsed. But things are in the works both here and elsewhere they’re just a bit slower-going. Here are some examples.

The first in line will be reviews for two short documentaries by Mark Rappaport.

Followed by a Blu-Ray review of a previous Oscar winner for Best Foreign Language film now out on Blu-ray.

Then a Blu-ray review of a horror film starring the late great Christopher Lee, to not narrow it down too much!

Batman-Superman Logo (DC/Warner Bros.)

Also, I’ve begun ruminating on the latest caped crusader film. Hint: I was enveloped by the sheer vacuity of it, then when I realized why I was really mad.

Aside from writing projects here, I also have outside writings in various stages of development. I definitely need to kick into high gear. And when I do you’ll hear about it here. One recent development you will not can be found here.


I have every intention of writing up the BAM Awards for the 21st time in 2017, I just need to do a lot of year-end catch-up.

If a hiatus is needed in the future for another work it will be announced beforehand.

Speaking of hiatuses, my The Tin Drum posts, are a white whale I’m determined to chase down also.

Game of Thrones (2011, HBO)

More is sure to come as balance, much like winter on Game of Thrones, is coming to my life.

Updates: December 20th, 2015

It’s a bit unusual for me to have multiple updates in a quarter much less in a month, but here we are. Much of the reason for a second update so soon is that I’m trying to keep myself on task, as well as letting you know what’s up.

So here goes…

BAM Awards

BAM-Awards-2015Some of the legwork to get me to BAM Awards shortlists has been done. On December 24th (yes, that December 24th) I will announce the shortlists, which is a culling down of all categories to only the most serious contenders. Watch this space for those announcements. This will be followed by nominees on January 2nd, 2016 and the handing out of prizes on January 9th, 2016.

Some categories which have been in limbo for inclusion this year will be either included or dropped on the 24th.



OK, so I went with a Billy Elliot reference, one that’s more noteworthy in the stage musical than the film, but the point is; many posts are scheduled through the first quarter of 2016. I know I promised new content a while back and that should still be coming.


Hugo (2011, Paramount)

One thing that will augment the BAM awards, and new content, is getting through my backlog of screeners. You can track my progress (to an extent) on Letterboxd. In the wee hours yesterday, I posted a longer-than-expected extemporaneous reaction to a film, which I may expound upon soon.



Aside from my awards, I do publish year-end lists in Early January. It’s with some sadness that I must say I didn’t see enough horror in 2015 to have a list on that genre be significant. But I will have a Top films (about 30 – some horror included) and also a Film Discoveries list (at least 30).

“I Just Wanna Bang on the Drum All Day”


What slowed the progress of my posts on The Tin Drum was reaching a non-drafted section in my notes. I hope to get to that soon – and strike a balance with other ongoing projects. In the meantime, you can read what I have so far.

Other Works in 2016

Bloodmaster (David Rosenthal)

Some of the other works I hope to get done soon are as follows:

  1. New videos including a short documentary.
  2. Polishing and publishing new fiction. What I have already published can be found here. What I hope to prepare and publish is also intimated at in my about pages.
  3. Collecting more film writing and developing longer-form posts on a more regular basis.
  4. And more.

So, I hope this gives you more insight into the workings of the site here, dear readers. Bear with me for many exciting things are forthcoming.


Updates: December 4th, 2015

As the calendar has turned to December it’s time to discuss what’s past and what’s to come, and how it may be different than in past years.

First, as you’ll not above this year will mark the 20th BAM Awards. The shortlist will come out on 24th

Anna Karenina (2012, Focus Features)

The Year-End Dash will still exist to an extent but it won’t feature in a running post or even that many daily reviews. I will try and rack up eligible reviews and do have much of this month, and the first quarter of 2016, scheduled with something.


Oh, Oskar. Yes, he will be coming back in a series of posts. I need to get to drafting the next few sections. You can read the series-to-date starting here.

Pit Pony (1997, Cochran Entertainment)

I have upcoming blogathon contributions like O Canada and the Backstage Blogathon, and a few recent contributions like Grace Kelly, the Swashathon, and another cartoon post.

The Movie Rat

This blog may have been a bit too set in its ways, but as I recently discussed I want to be more diversified even while sticking to some old themes. As I try and balance many interests, life changes, and changes here there may be some irregularity in posting new content, I hope to get “new” release reviews up again soon, but I hope to continue to tweak and improve this site and hope you’ll be willing to come along for the ride. Thanks all!

Announcing The Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathon!

I will be covering The Swan for this one!

The Wonderful World of Cinema


Do you like blogging? Do you like blogathons? You think November is a boring month? Well, join me and participate in The Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathon! After the success of The Wonderful Ingrid Bergman Blogathon, last August, I felt like hosting another one. I was thinking of waiting a little bit, but I couldn’t. The Wonderful Grace Kelly Blogathon will take place on November 11 to November 12, 2015, on Grace Kelly’s birthday. She won’t be celebrating her 100th anniversary or her 80th, just her 86th, but don’t we deserve to be celebrated at any age? Of course, Grace WOULD have been 86, because she tragically died in 1982 at the very young age of 52. 😦 Well, we’ll celebrate her heavenly birthday!

Grace Kelly is almost my favourite actress. She’s the first classical actress I discover and I’ve seen all her films. I just LOVE her and I’m quite…

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Updates: November 3rd, 2015

As you can confirm here on this Letterboxd list this year’s 61 Days of Halloween was a bust in terms of achieving the implicit movie-a-day quota.

As time goes on things change, and one thing that has definitely changed is in a desire to get scheduled ahead of time on the blog. This desire to allow myself more freedom to pursue longer-running projects and write the new content I want to write when I feel up to it, has made it more easy for me to view films in an eclectic manner.

This is not to say that the categories of 31 Days of Oscar, March to Disney, Poverty Row April, 61 Days of Halloween, Thankful for World Cinema and Year-End Dash will cease to be. It only means that they will not be wall-to-wall (as previous updates already indicate) but they will also not always be exclusive to the time period. Mind you, I will likely not change the names so they’re all still searchable for you.

Halloween (1978, Compass International)

Should new themes make sense for upcoming months that would be unique and make sense for short runs they will happen.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, I have new blogathon contributions to come. Which you will be able to see on upcoming reblogs.