By Any Means Necessary: Kino Lorber

So the other day I browsed through other channels on the Roku that I had added. I have seen many Kino Lorber titles I’ve enjoyed, perhaps most notable was The Complete Metropolis.

Turns out it’s a very cool channel. The selection isn’t gigantic compared to the catalog, but if you like a title you can watch it. If you choose to watch it for free there will be 60-90 of commercials every 10 minutes of program or so. You can bypass commercial breaks for just $0.99 cents on all the titles made available. Next time I may go that rout as the commercials come in unceremoniously just as the flow of the film is regained.

Reel Injun (2009, Kino Lorber)

One way or another I am sure I will use it again, and I found a very good and fact-filled doc called Reel Injun.. If you have a Roku I do recommend adding this channel and checking it every so often.

By Any Means Necessary 2014

This is a follow-up to a piece I posted in 2012 to list, and also remind myself to take advantage of as many ways to watch movies as I possibly could. Well, much as time does not stand still neither does technology and there are many more options now.

Recently, among many other changes in my home, I also got a Roku. Aside from streaming membership sites there are also myriad free channels that I have recently added to my homepage.

As opposed to just one post wherein I will list many options for myself and others to consider I will post this as a series after I have adequately tried a new channel or other means of watching films. More to come.