BAM Award Winners: Most Overrated Picture

This is one of the final two categories and it’s left to be last because it’s one of my two least favorite. The BAM Awards were created as a reaction and this and the Worst Picture have always been included. I wish one year I’d have to caveat both but I have yet to. The fact of the matter is my awards were born in a reactionary fashion and as much as I like to heap praise and nominations on those I like these two categories are a necessary counterbalance. Furthermore, there will be performers of all disciplines that I like in this category and the next, it’s just unfortunate. This is sort of like my equivalent to Gordon Ramsay saying “What a shame” when he eats a dish because he wants it to be good and it misses.

With the overrated moniker keep in mind this does not necessarily mean I dislike the films listed but just that they are rated too highly by fans, critics and the like. This year I may have a more scientific means of selecting nominees. If you want to know my opinion of a film just ask, it may not be negative just not as overwhelmingly positive as many. This is where you’ll see bigger names on my worst list there will be some more obscure titles but more on that when I get there.

The most overrated films have been…

2012 This award has been discontinued. Please follow the link for an explanation as to why. This post will remain up for archival purposes.

2011 Attack the Block

2010 The Social Network

2009 Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity (2007, Paramount)

2008 Twilight

2007 Superbad

2006 The Queen

2005 Syriana

Syriana (2005, Warner Bros.)

2003 Matchstick Men

Matchstick Men (2003, Warner Bros.)

2002 Spider-Man

2001 Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

2000 The Contender

1999 The Matrix

1998 There’s Something About Mary

1997 Life is Beautiful (La Vita è bella)

1996 Fargo