Updates: November 4th, 2013

As tends to happen from time to time, things came up on the previously intended update day (November 1st) that made updating the lists due for additions (as well as other posts) a bit hard.

However, many exciting things are afoot at The Movie Rat. So here’s a quick rundown.

First, and these posts will be forthcoming soon, we are in the midst of a new theme: Thankful for World Cinema.

Second, The Movie Rat is currently co-hosting its first ever giveaway thanks to the fine folks at Film Movement. Details on how you can win Broken and three other films can be found here.

As you also may have noticed, new pages are up (and will continue being added) go here to learn more about The BAM Awards and the Associations this blog is a part of.

I may have been a bit generous but my Contenders for Favorite Older Film First Viewed in 2013 saw its most additions in October.

Five new titles added to My Radar.

Another change on the site is that October 2013 marked the last time I will post a Mini-Review Round-Up. The reason being that in the last theme many mini-reviews spawned their own post anyway – and the idea originally was to save myself some work. In the end it doesn’t save work but creates more. Yes, this will make it easier to fill up my schedule. However, this will also give some oft overlooked films a post all their own rather than being buried in a long running post where they need to be found.

My Year-End Dash will likely remain a running post.

Four candidates added to the Entertainer of the Year Award race.

One name added to the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Lastly for today is my contribution to the Silent Recasting Blogathon where I re-cast Harry Potter as a silent film.

Next updates should be on November 15th, as scheduled.

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