Updates: May 12th, 2014

So what has been going on then?

Posts have been a bit more infrequent but I’ve been working to rectify that to an extent. There has, however, been work going on behind the scenes and when I get a string of days scheduled it should be possible to start filling in the schedule on a more consistent basis.

A SNAFU has slowed down the Roku phase of By Any Means Necessary, but it most definitely is a theme that will continue.

One thing I have been able to make great progress in, thanks to Apple TV, has been the scheduling of Short Film Saturday. There shouldn’t be a missed one of those for quite some time. You can look up past films here.

There should be more reviews coming down the pike as things have been viewed. In the meantime, if you need you play catch-up you can go here.

Running posts that have been lacking in updates like Films Viewed and Favorite Older Films and My Radar will shortly be updated or revamped.

And I did participate in a blogathon last month.

Until the next update and/or post. Thanks for stopping by and for reading.