BAM Award Winners: Best Documentary

In many ways this category exists now because of Waiting for ‘Superman’. As I intimate in the review linked below, I have come full circle with regards to documentary films. I can embrace them as a separate but equal entity to narrative film. I will strive to qualify this category annually but while I can appreciate documentaries fully now I acknowledge my proclivity for fiction whereas when I’m given a choice between which two to watch at a given time I will invariably choose the narrative. Having said that the category is, of course, valid and proved it can threaten to be the best of the year.

2018 Not Awarded

2017 Not Awarded 

2016 O.J.: Made in America


2015 Not Awarded

2014  Not Awarded

2013 The Short Game

The Short Game (2013, Netflix)

2012 Not Awarded

2011 Senna

2010 Waiting for ‘Superman’

This one may have been a bit lacking in the drama department because Superman did make my Top 10 and no other doc crashed the Top 15, however it is truly an amazing experience but none of these others should be missed either. They are all on Netflix (the nominees being: Prodigal Sons, Killing Kasztner, Waiting for ‘Superman‘, Best Worst Movie, The Art of the Steal)

Waiting For Superman  (2011, Paramount Vantage)