BAM Award Winners: Worst Picture

I’ll try and make my commentary on these films brief but there are several noteworthy selections that deserve some preface.

Firstly, I slam the Razzies on an annual basis because they never pick anything low budget. Birdemic became infamous due to its cheesy nature, it was “snubbed” conversely Alice in Wonderland was reviled by many critics but due to the fact that it was nominated for a handful of technical Oscars it was left out. Now I do have some widely seen films down below but my mandate is not to find and slam the worst of the worst. I try and seek out that which I will like and comment on what I find to be the worst. Mind you I do not choose some of the more popular titles for shock effect either. I literally fell asleep during the Pirates film “honored” below and liked others in the series.

As I said in my Overrated category there are people who participated in, and in some cases made, the films below that I really like and it pains me to have to include them on this list. However, I find it hilarious that Charlie Sheen is in one of them. He’d call that winning even if I don’t.

Anyway, just a few more caveats, yes, here, like in other categories, Made for TV Movies are not expressly forbidden so a few will be of that nature and a few will be direct-to-video I believe. I knock them because I didn’t like them, though, not because of the distribution path. Straight-to-video and Made for TV have earned nominees in positive categories also.

In 2002 I skipped the Award, I believe I brought it back the next year and in reconstructing ’03 (lost records) I added a “winner.”

My 2006 film was one I saw at a film festival that doesn’t have a one-sheet up anywhere. I have included a YouTube clip of the opening.

2012 Award Discontinued. This post will remain for archival. Please check 2012 winners post, which is linked here for the reasoning.

2011 The Darkest Hour

2010 Paranormal Activity 2

2009 Orphan

2008 The Happening

2007 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

2006 The Babysitter

2005 Cyber Seduction: His Secret Life

2004 Pixel Perfect

Pixel Perfect (2004, Disney Channel)

2003 George of the Jungle 2

2002 Not Awarded

2001 Believe

2000 Stigmata

Stigmata (2000, MGM)

1999 Durango Kids

1998 The Secret Kingdom

1997 Bad Day on the Block (aka Under Pressure)

1996 Fever Lake