2013 Oscar Nominated Short Films – Live Action

While not quite as deep as the animated shorts field, the live action shorts do have some very good contenders.

Death of a Shadow

Death of a Shadow (2012)

In a short film you obviously have very little time to convey your idea, therefore, it’s even more admirable, and helpful in decision-making, when the idea you’re conveying is quite different. The overall production values of this short are astounding and with very little dialogue tells its off-beat and engaging tale with the highest degree of cinematic quality possible. My favorite for this year’s category by a landslide.


Henry (2012)

The most intimately grandiose of the productions which, like the first title, blurs the lines of time and memory to paint a loving portrait of a man fighting infirmity and memory loss.


Curfew (2012)

The American entry tends to usually be comedic in my brief experience viewing nominees. I was glad to find that this one is more of a dramedy. There are some slight missteps striking that balance I feel, but it is very good and serves as a breakout role for young Fatima Ptacek who steals this movie.

Buzkashi Boys

Buzkashi Boys (2012)

This is a subtle coming-of-age tale set in Afghanistan, which for all its best intentions and visual splendor, feels a bit incomplete.


Asad (2012)

In terms of simulacrum, this is a most interesting tale inasmuch as it’s a South African film set in Somalia starring Somali refugees. Removing that and sticking solely to the narrative its a bit bare, though the from the outset neorealist approach is appreciated.