Contemporary Trailers That Work

A while back I posted a long, but not ill-conceived, rant about why I hate spoiler-ridden trailers and how terrible they are. I did have a counterbalance of some “newer” trailers that I think evoke mood, create intrigue, and give me that I-wanna-see-that sensation. However, two things have occurred: I’ve wondered to myself “Was that too ‘Get off my lawn!’?” and I’ve seen some really great trailers as of late that are far more current examples that deserve kudos.

This is a great trailer. Owing to the fact that I know the film and can see what’s being withheld:

In The Family

But that’s an indie, you say. So here are some bigger films in terms of budget and marketing push. All of these are upcoming or have not yet been seen by me:

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Wolf of Wall Street

Fruitvale Station

Now with those three the common thread is that at most you have a sense of what the movies about, as opposed to those I complained about that have you feeling like you just sat through that whole film unwittingly and unwillingly. A trailer is small fraction of the content of an actual film but some do make it feel like the film itself, only longer.

Now I realize I may be a bit of a throwback wanting to be surprised as much as I can and not always know what’s coming around, which is why I usually wait to see trailers at a multiplex rather than the day they drop. So here’s what I think is a great trailer but plays closer to convention in form, inasmuch as you see many plot points. What’s great is that it being a suspense film that likely has more twists and turns than indicated, and it jumbles up the pieces somewhat so you don’t feel like you know all that’s a head of you.


So those are some of the trailers that have gotten my attention, and while there will be many more that stink and tell too much I’m always willing to acknowledge those that seem to get it.


  1. theartisticpackrat · August 21, 2013

    It can be annoying when film trailers show too much of the story. At the same time, it can be difficult to find the right balance.You want to give some idea of the story and show some good bits but still not show everything. It’s hard, but I do love a good trailer.

    • bernardovillela · August 21, 2013


      I agree completely. If I didn’t make the point in the previous post I should have, that I, of course, want a sense of what the film is but not all of what it is. I think good trailers do that. Tell you the basics and leave you wanting more. “Walter Mitty” definitely does it.

      Thanks for reading and the thoughtful comments.


      Bernardo Villela
      The Movie Rat

  2. theartisticpackrat · August 21, 2013

    By the way, I love the Walter Mitty trailer.

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