Short Film Saturday: Trevor (1994)

For June, at least in the short film department, I will be featuring gay-themed films for Pride month. 

Here is what I wrote about Trevor when I featured it in My Year in Film: 1994.

This film I first saw only last year. It’s the only short on this list. It’s almost more important for its significance than the film itself for this film is what spawned The Trevor Project. Perhaps what’s most impressive is that it really was ahead of the zeitgeist in terms of a hot button issue. It deals with a youth struggling with his sexuality and is suicidal. It won an Oscar after it was made and was re-introduced in a TV special hosted by Ellen DeGeneres but now it has a third incarnation as The Trevor Project is one of the most notable and active NGOs in the nation right now. Granted its a film buoyed by its message and its significance but few films, especially shorts, have this kind of track record so far as reemergence and staying power are concerned.

It’s a bit of a somber piece, that’s bittersweet at best, so “enjoy” seems an inappropriate sign off. I hope you find the film as enlightening as I did, at the very least as to the origins of a very worth cause.