Harry Potter and How It Changed My Life

In 2011 Rohan Gotobed was a small part of the cast of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2. He played Young Sirius Black in a flashback. As such, he was listed among the nominees and winners of my annual BAM Awards.

Being a young person in this day and age in a film as massive as the Harry Potter series he developed a following, and was known to people for a brief film appearance. It’s the kind of notoriety that could turn bittersweet, or stop being sweet altogether. But with the below post on his experience being part of the Wizarding World, Rohan reveals a great wisdom, and  perspective on things. Whatever the future holds  it’s great to see he sees his brief involvement in the series as a blessing, as a bonus he provides and update on his now resurgent acting career.



In a weird way, I often think about how much my time during high school mirrored Harry’s time at Hogwarts. When I turned up aged 12 in 2010, I immediately became known as “the Harry Potter kid”, mainly because I had already introduced myself as being in the next Harry Potter film. Had Snape been my chemistry teacher, I’m sure he’d have prefaced our first lesson with “Rohan Gotobed, our new… celebrity.” Like Harry, I was an object of weird fascination.Then, once the film came out and everyone realised I was only in it for six seconds (my friends counted), I felt a lot like Harry probably does about 99% of the time. However, there were always younger Colin Creevey-esque students who were fascinated with me, and I probably split opinion between teachers as to whether I was lovely or arrogant. Then, came sixth form, I began to book more…

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