Announcing the Pre-Code Blogathon! (Or: Silk, and Satin, and Lace – oh, my!)

Yes, another blogathon I am adding to my slate. However, this reblog/announcement comes well in advance of the late March-Early April window. It fits in well leading into Poverty Row April as well, as usually I have many pre-code titles in there as well. I am covering Blonde Venus (1932) and am looking forward to it greatly.


Precodegif2Jean Harlow. Joan Blondell. Warren William. Dorothy Mackaill. Kay Francis. Ricardo Cortez. Madge Evans. Leila Hyams. Lyle Talbot. Anita Page. Norma Shearer.

Pick a star, any star.

Or any movie released between 1930 and 1934 – that absolutely awesome, totally titillating, sinfully scandalous era of filmmaking known as pre-Code.

The 2015 Pre-Code Blogathon is a celebration of this brief but oh-so memorable period in the annals of cinema – one that featured more lingerie than you can shake a stick at!  Around these parts, we think that the films produced in the early 1930s are some of the best from Hollywood’s Golden Age – and if you share our fondness for these features and the performers who made them so unforgettable, you are cordially invited to join in the fun!

Precodegif3Your co-hosts for this event are:

Danny of ( and

Karen of Shadows and Satin (

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