Announcement: Joining the Russia in Classic Film Blogathon

Firstly, I have been off a few days, but new posts will be coming. I just have to re-jigger the schedule to cover dates I don’t have new material set for. Anyway, Movies Silently is hosting another great blogathon. In order to have it jive with March to Disney I will be discussing Peter and the Wolf (1946).Peter and the Wolf (1946, Disney)


  1. John Hitchcock (@HitchcocksWorld) · January 23, 2015

    I remember this story, somewhat. I think I used to have a record version at one point and I’ve seen one or two adaptations though not this particular one. I was tempted to join myself but right now I’m busy with school and most of the topics I’d choose to cover are ones that I’ve already written about at length. I’m wondering if I should make it a rule that I don’t do blogathons while I have classes, since they’re great activities for the summer but hard to balance out with other things during the rest of the year.

  2. bernardovillela · January 24, 2015

    Yeah, this is the one I was first exposed to. I’ve seen several versions since, including crafting one for the stage myself. I had a rule in place where I limited myself to one blogathon a month, but have been rather breaking it so far this year. It is a good thing to do though as they can be quite time consuming especially if you fall behind on them.

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