BAM Award Winners: Best Cinematography

It’s quite obvious what the significance of cinematography is to anyone. It’s the visual signature of the film and the Director of Photography is second in command to a director and is a major contributor to the film’s overall aesthetic. Listed below you will see those who I feel not only created the best and prettiest images but also those who encapsulated their film the best and expressed it in visual terms. There are some repeat winners and some in foreign films but all treated each project uniquely and expressed their tale universally.

2020 Roger Deakins 1917

2019 Roger Deakins The Goldfinch

2018 Martin Gslacht Alpha

2017 Roger A. Deakins Bladerunner 2049

2016 The Revenant Emmanuel Lubezki


2015 Mad Max: Fury Road John Seale 


2014 The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears Manuel Dacosse

The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears (2014, Strand Releasing)

2013 The Old Man Murat Aliyev

The Old Man (2013, Kazakh Film Studio)

2012 Skyfall Roger Deakins

Skyfall (2012, MGM)

2011 Hugo Robert Richardson

2010 The White Ribbon (Das Weisse Band) Christian Berger

2009 Before Tomorrow (Le Jour avant le lendemain) Norman Cohn and Félix Lajeunesse

2008 The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (Le scaphandre et le papillon) Janusz Kaminski

2007 The Seeker: The Dark is Rising Joel Ransome

2006 Fateless (Sorstalanság) Gyula Pados

Fateless (2005, Hungarian motion Picture Ltd.)

2005 War of the Worlds Janusz Kaminski

War of the Worlds (2005, Paramount)

2004 Kill Bill: Vol. 2 Robert Richardson

Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004, Miramax)

2003 Peter Pan Donald McAlpine

Peter Pan (2003, Universal)

2002 Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones David Tattersall

2001 Artificial Intelligence: A.I. Janusz Kaminski

Artificial Intelligence: A.I. (2001, DreamWorks)

2000 Unbreakable Eduardo Serra

Unbreakable (2000, Touchstone Pictures)

1999 Sleepy Hollow Emmanuel Lubezki

Sleepy Hollow (1999, Paramount Pictures)

1998 Saving Private Ryan Janusz Kaminski

Saving Private Ryan (1998, DreamWorks)

1997 Mother Night Tom Richmond

1996 Romeo + Juliet Donald McAlpine

Romeo + Juliet (1996, 20th Century Fox)